Is virtual reality for you?

A full Virtual Reality experience is best viewed with a head-mounted display (HMD). Basically, a HMD consists of large, protruding goggles strapped to your head which are designed to stay put in front of your eyes. Separate screens for each eye create the immersive depth—no matter which direction the user faces.

Tethered means that the HMD ( head mounted display ) is attached to a PC; These HMD’s are nothing more than a monitor using substantial processing power. This setup offers more visual and immersive compelling experiences when a heavy-duty PC is attached.

Tethered HMD uses traditionally outside-in tracking, which means that sensors are placed around the room you want to move in to track the HMD and its controllers. The result of this is a more complex setup but offering you the maximum amount of freedom.

Stand-alone devices may have the upper hand of freedom, like the Oculus Quest. Soon to be released it packs all of the advantages of 6dof devices in it’s small package. But tethered devices are catching up and are shedding their wires, ( look at the HTC Vive Wireless Adapter.) Price will remain the big divider for now.

Stand-alone HMD’s heads into the direction of inside-out tracking, being the HMD itself who scans the room to find it position in space on the three axes. A technique that evolves rapidly as it’s the fundamental technology of augmented reality.

With the desire to imagine, travel to or dream of other worlds dating back since the prehistoric days of humankind, it is impressive to see how VR has progressed from an idea to a fully immersive experience in the last twenty years. Indeed immersive films are here to stay, but as technology improves and audiences discover the medium, it will take a brand new skill set to realize great VR films.

Much of VR relies on the same abilities as regular filmmaking, but there are key differences in the story, the cameras, and the sound–and production–that VR makers alone have to master. The results, breathtaking films that create a catharsis (or for the Germans out there: Verfremdungseffekt), are gratifying to make. But blending the technique, technology and artistry are really only for the select few who possess strong drive and talent to take on the complexity. Are you one of them?

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