Video Tutorial Format

$ 59
  • Theory: video classes
  • Exercises
  • Downloads

Blended Learning Format

$ 179
  • Theory: video classes
  • Practice
  • Exercises
  • Downloads
  • 3 online classes (10 - 15p)
  • Connect with peers
  • Graduation call
  • Certificate

Design user-centric stories

Background &

Immersion, sensory feedback, interactivity…PRESENCE. We will explore the uniqueness of virtual reality to start thinking about which stories are native to this format and which added value does this new medium bring to audiences. A new medium asks for a new terminology, which goes beyond the ones we know from traditional storytelling.

Design Thinking Methodology

We will provide you with a range of tools and exercises to guide you in designing your story and making decisions based on the audience journey. We help you overcome the fear of a blank page by providing a simple methodology. We build your own story on the basis of an example.


Each chapter provides a hands-on practical exercise to guide you through finishing your first story. The final chapter even provides you with prototyping tools to validate your design choices at a low cost before continuing to develop.

Feedback sessions

You can choose to go through the curriculum independently through a combination of video tutorials and practice. But we also offer you the opportunity to follow the same package in combination with online classroom moments. You receive feedback from your instructor and you connect and get inspired by your peers.

the instructor

Garage Stories is an emerging media content lab born in Silicon Valley’s Hacker House in 2017. Their goal is to develop the language of new media and explore their potential with a human-centric approach.

Marta and her team have organised labs and workshops around the world (MIT Media Lab, Cannes Film Festival, Sonar+D, Mar de Plata, etc.) The focus often lays on the development of projects to tackle complex societal challenges and some of them have been featured on TEDx