Vital knowledge about virtual reality

Welcome to VRTL Academy’s Introductory Course, where you will uncover the basic principles unique to virtual reality and 360 videos. You will delve into the most common technical terms so you can understand and explore VR with ease. Come dive into a new adventure!

Vital knowledge

Inside VR's

Virtual reality has been a long time in the making. Storytelling dates back to prehistoric eras, but only beginning last century did heavy clunky equipment start to emerge to create special story environments. See how VR came to be and the forces behind its development.

The VR

What makes VR different than traditional cinema? For starters, it involves different equipment whether to capture scenes on film, piece them together or view the final product. The technical aspects are quite specific, too: stereoscopic vision, ambisonic sound, and stitching are just a few of the unique components of virtual reality filmmaking. We break down the complexity for you.

Understand how VR is experienced

Headsets are only part of the equation as there are many levels of “freedom” (DoF)  to consider. Find out how it impacts the story and the viewer’s response. Learn whether a story should even be shot with 360 cameras and how to avoid parallax. Ensuring your viewer has a good experience is part of the challenge of making great VR.

  • Degrees of freedom
  • 3D ambisonic sound
  • Eye separation
  • Levels of immersion
  • HMD dissection