Preparing a production for virtual reality

An overview of the VR pre-production process is covered including how to go from concept to a full VR production. Learn how to select your crew and choose the right equipment. Go through each aspect of the script and format your screenplay. You’ll learn the main roles and responsibilities of each key crew member and the right criteria to choose them. Pre-production should result in a well-honed schedule to kickstart the production.

Creating stories

Same but

Much of making virtual reality is the same as traditional filmmaking, but there are key differences. How you write a script–and even how you visually imagine it–will take new approaches. Course 3 systematically walks you through each step.

Get the

Preparing your production is a lot easier when you have a guide. Course 3 includes several helpful downloads from script formats, to shooting & production schedules, to a call sheet. Feel more confident when you start your first VR project.

The right gear

Select the proper equipment so you can shoot according to your needs. No sense in wasting money on a top-of-the line camera when a more inexpensive one will work better in small spaces, for example. By better understanding your options you can save on production costs.
  • 6 Elements of a Screenplay
  • The Set Map, Frame, and Storyboard
  • Crew Breakdown
  • Level of Control
  • Production Scheduling