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Our program fosters a deeper, richer and more engaging learning experience through not only the high-level original content, but also by combining multiple formats like video, audiobook & text. Short quizzes measure your progress.

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Courses fit your schedule and go at your pace. Study as much or as little as you want. Since our courses work on any device you can follow them on a plane, during lunch or in your pajamas. Your progress is tracked within each module so you can easily pick up where you left off.


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Save time piecing together videos and tutorials in this new medium by following our comprehensive courses on new realities. Receive instruction in sequence from award-winning creators who know what they are talking about.

VRTL Academy courses are for

  • Professionals wanting to learn more about xr
  • Students in film, audiovisual, gaming or immersive tech
  • Those already working in xR who seek more depth
  • Dedicated xR enthusiasts who want to grow in their craft
  • Creatives who want a broader skillset

If you work in an audiovisual agency, an enterprise, or are just exploring new technologies, get a solid overview of extended reality (XR). Whether you’re a designer, a student, in business development–or even an office manager–our courses on ‘New Realities’ have something to offer.

In a carefully designed sequence, you will gain a solid overview of the history of virtual reality while at the same time the industry is poised to explode.

Complex subject matter is broken down into meaningful chapters. You will absorb content with the help of easy modules and videos. Best of all, you will gain more confidence and experience in XR and be able to move forward in this industry whether to elevate your career or enhance your interest.


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Whether it’s to have a better understanding of VR’s market opportunities or improve a creative team’s technical skills, VRTL offers special licensing packages to agencies or businesses.

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