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Welcome to a world of sound like you’ve never experienced before. Spatial sound, also known as 3D sound or 360 sound, is a new technology that promises to change the way we consume and interact with audio ultimately. For many of you it’s still uncharted territory, but everyone knows it’s essential to the XR experience. It can change the face of music, music videos, and gaming — start immerse yourself today.

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This Course Consists of Six Chapters

Creating Sound

and Theory

Formats, channels, plugins. What’s the difference between Ambix to Quad-binaural sound, and what are all the available tools in the market? These are all the questions we will answer right at the start, with a quick introduction to all of the new terminology and things you need to know to not sound like a newbie. Let us organize all of this scattered data to a quick and direct introduction to what matters.

How to think
on set

Recording sound on a 360 set is entirely different than anything you’ve learned in film school. But no need to sweat. In this course, you will learn all the tricks, methods, and watch-outs you need to know before you get to set.

Mixing Spatial

We will learn how to work with the FB360 workstation, Hear360, and Envelop plugins, on Reaper, Pro-Tools, Premiere, and Ableton software. We will also touch on work methods in Unity. We will go over all the details and bits you’ve got to know from import to export. You will also get to enjoy our work methods, useful tips, and a lot of examples. If you haven’t used any of this software before, or even if you are a DAW master, this course will lead you through the new information quickly and efficiently. Also, the course is built so everyone could learn this craft at their pace.

Spatial Sound

We will focus on the Zoom H2N and 8Ball sound recorders. Learn how to use them, but more importantly, how to understand them. But essential to mention, capturing Spatial Sound does not end with only Spatial Sound Recorders. We will learn how to understand different kinds of mics and how to use them. We will hear a lot of examples and learn different work methods so we could utilize every tool to the max.

Pro time

After you understand all the essential tools you need, we will go deeper into the sound, with more examples, experiments, and theories. So you could, too, join the cutting edge discussion of building this new emerging world of spatial sound. We will talk about the future of VR, Career opportunities, and how this tech can revolutionize music.

the instructor

Nir Netzer is a Virtual Reality director working out of Los Angeles, California. He directed 360 video for DreamworksTV, NBC and many more.

He also did Compositing and Spatial Sound Design for JauntVR. In 2018 he was chosen to compete in Oculus Launchpad, leading the production of a Choose-your-own-adventure experience in VR.

Currently Nir is working independently. In March 2019 he released a unique VR musical experience and he is working on a VR Horror movie which will be released in Halloween 2019. To learn more about Nir you can visit his site at: